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Feb 13, 2013 7:00am PST
that the government was severely handicapped, likely by not having anderson at trial. he was held in contempt armed spent fight -- contempt and he spent quite a bit of time in jail. they were not able to prove the false statements. so they went to the obstruction charge based on evasive, not necessarily untrue statements. >> reporter: how long will we get an answer? how long before bonds knows. >> probably six months. hard to say. it will be measured in months rather than weeks. >> reporter: william keen, thank you for joining us. taking us through what we can expect today. not a very long hearing. ten-year journey getting us here but months until we'll get an answer. live here in san francisco, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> an east bay mischief that topped 100 miles an -- police chief that topped 100 miles an hour. what prompted the chase and the suspicious item police found on the driver. >>> together we've cleared the stay the crisis. we can say with renewed confidence that the state of our union is stronger. >> reaction from a local congress member to the state of the union address co
Feb 18, 2013 7:00am PST
are forced to take the time off, the governor would have -- government would have to give them 30 days. they will have to wait to see if the lawmakers in washington come up with a sequestration plan. congress is on break until next monday. republicans took a shot at democrats saying the republican- controlled house already took votes and blame democrats in the senate and president obama. >> what the president failed to mention was the sequester was his idea proposed by his administration during the debt- limit negotiations in 2011. >> reporter: meanwhile, democrats say republicans want too many spending cuts in their long-term budget plan. no matter who is to blame, the department of homeland security says they could be in trouble. we could see problems with border patrol and security for starters. live in washington, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> 7:16. california senator dianne feinstein trying to win support for her assault weapons band by circulating a list of guns that would be exempt. senator feinstein says the purpose of the exempted guns list is to make clear that this
Feb 17, 2013 7:00am PST
is practicing his strokes in palm city. >>> tomorrow, it is president's day and all government offices, post offices and banks are closed. bart muni will be and holiday schedules. cal train is an on a modified schedule and parking meters. those are still going to be enforced. >> if you get the day off tomorrow. get out and enjoy it. because rosemary, the weather is on the way. >> mineory changes happening today. and tomorrow is the transition day. we will talk about that coming up in a moment. >> waking up with patchy fog out there. >> pulling in and around the bay. you can see it there. what a gorgeous shot. >> rosa is just about a minute or so before 7:00. >> and it will help to clear out the low cloud deck. and i expect improving conditions. >> for the afternoon. we will be sunny once again. >> mid-30s in napa valley. and we are looking at few degrees over what we had yesterday. >> 46 in novato and around the bay. similar to how we woke up yesterday. >> 51 in oakland. and along the peninsula. and looking outside your door. menlo park. and palo alto. chilly and not too bad. it is february.
Feb 15, 2013 7:00am PST
-- next. >>> 7:28. the russian government is mobilizing 20,000 emergency workers to handle victims of the overnight meteor ite -- meteorite strike. it generated a sonic boom. you heard it there. it set off a lot of car alarms and shattered windows. it also left a giant streak the smoke across the sky. this was 900 miles east of moscow when a meteor hits a ground, that's when they become meteorites. most of the injuries resulted from broken glass. a roof of a zinc factory also collapsed. nearly 1,000 people have been hurt. local emergency rooms are overwhelmed. many of the victims suffered cuts on their cases from the shattered glass windows. but several dozen people are hurt more seriously and some of them have checked into hospitals. >>> 7:29. well, later this morning, there will be another separate event up in the skies. an asteroid 150 feet wide is gonna zoom close to earth. lorraine blanco, live at oakland's chabot space and science center. how close will it come to us? >> reporter: within 17,000 miles of earth. i want to tell you that there's a big difference between that mete
Feb 16, 2013 7:00am PST
came from a passing meteor. >>> the russian government is sizing up the damage caused by another meteor. it shook central russia, injuring nearly a thousand people. windows blew out and more than 4,000 homes and businesses in one city. russian sciencists say it was the size of a school bus and was traveling at 40,000 miles an hour. it created a blast similar to 300-tons of dynamite. pieces caused craters20 feet wide. damage is estimated to be $33 million. it happened hours before the close call with a large ast era," d. it came with in 17,000 miles of earth. the crowd gathered to catch a look at the space rock. the light shows up in the sky are peaking the public's interest as well as congress. they say they will hold a hearing on so-called killer asteroids to find better ways to identity and address potential dangers. we have posted more of the video from that explosion. look for the video player right there on the front page. >> san francisco police need your help as they search for a man suspected of multiple attacks on women. he is a suspect in two random attacks and they say both
Feb 11, 2013 7:00am PST
to the arrest and conviction of christopher dorner. tori? >> all right. thank you, hal. >>> the government will investigate the fatal crash of a movie production helicopter in los angeles county. three people died when the shopper went down at the ranch south of palmdale early yesterday morning. they were filming a new reality show for the discovery channel. discovery called the crash a tragic accident and said it was cooperating fully with authorities. the faa says the cause of the crash is still not known. >>> 7:15. five people have been killed in a cruise ship accident on the canary islandses. a lifeboat from a thompson cruiser ship fell into the ocean during a safety drill. five crew members were killed and three others were hurt. 1400 passengers were on board at the time, no passengers were hurt. meantime, more than 4,000 people are stranded on a cruise ship in the gulf of mexico. the coast guard has been in contact with the crew of the carnival triumph. it's about 500 miles from galveston, texas. they don't have enough power to get the ship to port. carnival says the ship will be tow
Feb 12, 2013 7:00am PST
the government running. and he said never more would he sign one of these to keep the government running. and about eight months later, he did the same. so sometimes yes, you get a major push out of these speeches. sometimes they are quickly forgotten. >> we'll find out tonight at 6:00 california time. thank you, jamie. you can find a link toto jamie' washington insider blog and you can watch the state of the union address right here starting at 6:00. and then at 7:30, we'll break down the president's speech and gop response. >>> 7:50. >>> well, they were headed home from the caribbean but instead, they are still stranded out in the gulf of mexico. pam cook is in the studio to tell us conditions on board a cruise ship are getting pretty bad. >> yes, they are. >> the carnival cruise ship and its 4,000 passengers and crew is addressed in the gulf of mexico. that's after a fire in the engine room knocked out the ship'sster and propulsion system. tugboats will have to tow the ship to alabama. that's supposed to happen on thursday. other ships have dropped by to drop off food and supplies but
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7